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Type of job
Fazili Studio Sales Person

What do i earn?
You are being paid for results, not by the hour. You can keep 50% of the money that you bring in on a succesfull sale. Earnings are paid out immediately.
What is my job?
You are selling websites, programs, and other services for FaziliStudio. You will send emails to businesses, or visit them in person, and ask if they would like a new website, program or ai designed.

FaziliStudio uses the software 'STRIPE'. This software allows you to work from home. You use STRIPE to send orders to us, and we use it to receive the orders.
What are the job requirements?
  • You are over 16 years old
  • You are able to write and read english
  • You have a windows 10 computer
  • You need a $15 software license for STRIPE
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